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Strategic Alliances

We are proud to have strategic alliances with a small number of Companies we trust and with whom we have a track record of collaboration and success.


Centre for Cultural Competence Australia

We are pleased to partner with the Centre for Cultural Competence Australia (CCCA), a national organisation that provides powerful resources in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural competence training and organisational development.

Through this partnership we are committed to building the cultural competence of individuals, service providers, cultural institutions, corporates and government agencies. 

CCCA provide online nationally accredited foundation level courses in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Competence. The curriculum has been designed to provide individuals with a foundation knowledge in the history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Australia, their cultures, and the effects of colonisation and government policies and practices. This knowledge serves as the basis for the development of skills to enable effective and appropriate communication and engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities across the nation.

Moreton provides a range of wrap around services to support organisations to embed the learning from the on line training into their workplace. This includes: facilitated workshops; individual coaching; cultural competeny audits; working on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander recruitment and retention initiatives; and facilitating the development of Reconciliation Action Plans. We also help organisations connect with and build relationships with their local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. 

The CCCA accredited training is a cost effective way for organisations to support staff to begin the journey of building cultural proficiency and cultural safety in the work place. Click here for more information.



Donald Proctor

Photograph of Donald ProctorDonald is a social housing specialist who focuses on assisting organisations to improve their business, asset and tenancy management planning and practice. He is currently the President of the Australasian Institute of Housing,

Donald is an architect and planner, with a career in social housing spanning 30 years. He was a founding member of the Association to Resource Co-operative Housing (now Common Equity), on the Board of Directors for 6 years.

After working in private practice and local government, Donald moved into Housing NSW where he held key positions in urban and environmental policy, strategic asset management, estate renewal and regional operations. Until recently Donald was responsible for asset operations across the State of NSW, including the role of primary principal’s representative managing the Housing NSW maintenance contracts, one of the largest and most complex government / private sector contracting systems in the country.

Donald is now building a consultancy role, applying his unique skills and experience to assist the social housing sector in better planning and management of its limited resources, particular its asset portfolios.

Having a strong commitment to building professionalism in Housing, Donald is a long term member of the Australasian Housing Institute. He currently holds the post of Practitioner in Residence with the Henry Halloran trust at Sydney University, conducting research into strengthening communities of practice.



GrayMorr Consulting builds the capacity of public sector organisations to enhance organisational performance and improve service delivery. They do this through three key related areas:

1. Redeveloping and implementing governance systems

2. Developing and enhancing results focussed management processes and systems; and

3. Improving organisational effectiveness.

GrayMorr provides effective, practical solutions that apply within the technical and economic landscape of organisations in a way that suits current need but can be grown as organisations evolve. More information about GrayMorr Consulting is at



Leigh Cupitt

Photograph of Leigh CupittLeigh is a highly experienced consultant with 30 years’ experience. During this time she has been working in culturally appropriate ways to achieve positive organisational change through capacity building, training and mentoring. She has worked in NGOs and government agencies in Australia and the Pacific to deliver services to their respective communities.

Her experience includes policy roles in state and federal agencies, manager of NGOs and International Advisor. As Director of Leigh Cupitt and Associates she undertook many national and state evaluations as well as sharing her monitoring and evaluation skills.

Leigh is experienced in assisting organisations to implement strategic plans through workforce management leadership and capacity building: Leigh worked with numerous NGOs and Aboriginal services to achieve success in taking their strategic plans to individual work plans with tasks and timelines and expectations for accountability to management. An integral aspect of this work was mentoring managers and Board members to lead and performance manage their staff.



Praxis Interactive

Praxis Interactive is a website and web application development firm based in Canberra that specialises in building innovative solutions for small business, government and not-for-profit organisations.

We are passionate about creating systems for our clients that feature modern, stylish graphic design and the latest technology, while remaining user friendly and easy to manage.

Utilising open source technologies such as Apache, MySQL and PHP, Praxis Interactive builds upon a proven platform of the world's most popular web hosting, database and application software.

Our solutions are developed using the powerful and user friendly SilverStripe CMS and application framework, providing a flexible foundation for your project requirements.

To learn more about how Praxis Interactive can help to make your project a reality, please visit us at



Terri Janke and Company - Lawyers and Consultants

Terri Janke and Company is a 100% Indigenous owned law firm that empowers its clients to achieve success in business and innovation. We provide legal advice in commercial law, intellectual property, employment and workplace relations, governance, contracts and procurement. We also provide consulting and mentor services and conduct workshops and training to enhance Indigenous engagement.