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Listening and Thinking



Now more than ever, it is important to consider many voices and different views in the quest for positive change


The people whose lives will be impacted by government policies and services know a lot about what is needed and what will work.  

Numerous program evaluations and reviews show us that government programs seeking to improve outcomes for Aboriginal people don't work unless Aboriginal people are involved. Research such as the Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development shows us that there are significantly better results if Indigenous people are involved every step of the way: that is in the thinking, developing, delivery and review stages of policy development and program design.

Further, the importance of self determination and involvement in decision making is recognised by the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

The bottom line is that Indigenous involvement in decision making is most likely to lead to real change. 


Our approach  


We bring an experienced and practical approach to the development of new initiatives and policies. Our emphasis is on the development of evidence based policy informed by an understanding of what works on the ground.

We are expert at designing and ensuring genuine consultation - it's not just a part of our name.

We establish cross cultural teams and have developed a Two Ways Learning and Doing practice which drives our consultation methodology.

We don't do 'tick and flick' exercises. We do spend time creating spaces which enable people to feel safe to say what they think. This is especially important when consulting with Aboriginal people - cultural safety and cultural competency are a deal breaker. 

Our deep understanding of the lived experience of Aboriginal people combined with our experience in government policy development and program design means our consultation and advising services are comprehensive and wholistic.

We work expertly across both worlds and are a bridge between them. 


  Our Services Include

  • Designing and running community and stakeholder consultations
  • Drafting discussion papers and consultation materials
  • Facilitating policy discovery, environmental scanning, scenario planning and risk assessment workshops
  • Advising non-government organisations on policy advocacy and working with government


Our Moreton Two Ways approach means that we bring Aboriginal and non Aboriginal perspectives, understandings and knowledges together to create new meaning. We are highly skilled at working both with community members, government agencies and service providers to develop shared understanding and ways forward.

While we have deep, specialist expertise in relation to working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people we also work across other sectors and are able to establish cross disciplinary teams.