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Making Things Happen



The importance of implementation is deeply under estimated. Turning ideas into action takes relationships, trust, time, skill, resources and perseverence.


Communities and organisations invest lots of time in developing plans and strategies. These often end up gathering dust in drawers and only pulled out again when it is Annual Report writing time .....

Our team is skilled in working with people to identify the practical steps needed to turn great ideas into actions.


 Our Services Include

  • Facilitating processes to build relationships and collaborative ways of working
  • Team development and support
  • Team based action planning
  • Project scoping and planning
  • Project coaching
  • Facilitating risk assessments
  • Setting up systems and processes to support delivery
  • Working with staff to identify and fix barriers to action 
  • Mentoring staff and project teams



Community wide initiatives for change

Social change is complex. Everything is connected to everything else. For real change to happen, people need to work collaboratively across different programs and services. Driving change requires people to work right across the system. This means building effective, genuine partnerships across many different types of services and between services and the community. Cross cutting partnerships also often include academia and business.  Working in real partnership means acknowledging underlying power relationships and doing things differently.

We have significant experience in place based work that cuts across agency boundaries and brings people toegther who are working on common goals. Our experience is both as participants in community change initiatives and as public servants responsible for designing and implementing place based, joined up programs. 

 What we offer 

Our approach in supporting community wide initiatives is based on Moreton's Two Ways Learning and Doing practice. We also draw on Collective Impact and Results Based Accountability. We facilitate system wide issues discovery and decision making processes. We can also be a backbone organisation, supporting and coordinating whole of project activities and reporting. 



Knowing what's happening: PlanTrak

Tracking actions and understanding results is critical to making a difference. People in organisations and/or whole of community initiatives need to know if they are putting effort into the things that work.

Moreton Consulting has an exclusive license to use PlanTrak, a user friendly on-line tracking and monitoring tool that is perfect for Aboriginal controlled organisations and other not for profits or social enterprises. This tool is also suitable for government agencies monitoring organisational performance. Check out more information at  on this site at PlanTrak. 



Last updated 26 February 2015